About MLP

About My Little Pony Games

My little pony games are well-known for everyone. Even boys know about this beloved character as the little pony was the friend of children from the very age they started watching cartoons and playing horse games for kids. Our site offers you the largest catalogue of the online games available in the web. Just bookmark our site and you will not have to search through the net to find the pony game you like most. With the categories you can easily filter the games with the main character from one another and replay the favorite one as much as you want. Our site gives you a wide range of choice.


Before you start playing, choose the mode you want to play. You are allowed to choose a single player mode or two player mode. As our site wants to get the number one position among pony game addicted players, we decided to choose the games and deliver the ones that have a feature of different ponies to choose from. So, feel free to pick the pony you like most as the main character.  By the way, My little Pony games are famous with their variety in the flash game types. Puzzles, arcade games, dress up and coloring. Just wish the action you want for spending time without any delays or errors connected to the internet connection, the games offered by our team is free from viruses and there is no further need of downloading them to your computer. Just use the browser for example, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Torch, Opera or any other you want and play the game in your browser without installing any additional applications that mostly harm your computer and slower it.  Bear in mind that each game is colorful and full of positive so be aware that while staying with your site your time will be filled with the freshest ideas,  colorful graphics and coolest emotions ever existed in your mind. In some games there are question you have to answer.

Most part of such games are offered in trivia mode. Glittering images and colorful balls are given as a prize for guessing each question. Such bonus points or prizes can be used in later levels as a motivation for a good job.  There are also rounds for completing of which you will get glittering balls and positive hints for continuing gaming. Remember number one rule while playing my little pony games the more you have the practical experience with the gaming mode, the faster you will accomplish each task and close the game level and move to the new one. So feel free to replay the games as many times as you want as we are here to satisfy your needs and gaming wishes. Try to get the highest scores in my little pony games and share the results to show off! Once your friends see your points, they might try to overcome your result so  that the amount of pony game addicters will grow and our community will become a happy family!